Lava Lamp Test Tube Design Green

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  • This is the new retro test tube design of the classic lava lamps that we all remember from the 60's & 70's

  • The lamp have a silver base and silver top that looks great in any room

  • Lamp is approximately 15" tall & 3" in diameter

  • Has an on/off switch located on the power cord

  • Turn on the lamp for a relaxed feel or just for the low glow mood light

  • Put this lava lamp in any room and just watch the flow of the lava 

  • When first turned on the lava will heat up and start to flow with full motion after about an hour

  • The time that it takes for the lava to start flowing, all depends on the temperature of the glass globe when it is first turned on

  • Follow the enclosed instructions to get the best performance from your lava lamp

  • The clarity of the water will change constantly as you use the lava lamp