Oil Warmer Marbled Orange

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  • These are beautiful little warmers that have a mirrored base, a marbled looking glass body and a matching warming dish that sits on top

  • These warmers can be used to heat scented oil OR scented wax tarts 

  • Warmers have a dimmer switch on the power cord that allows the user to adjust the intensity of the light bulb. Use a low setting to heat scented wax tarts or a higher setting to heat your favorite scented oils

  • These warmers are great for any room in the house. Sits on a mirrored base that have rubber feet so they can be placed on a counter top, dresser, desk, table, etc..

  • The glass warming dish sits on top and can be removed for easy cleaning

  • Uses a standard 35w halogen bulb (included)

  • Replacement bulbs are available in our store

  • The marbled glass color will vary from warmer to warmer