Buffalo Rawhide Twisters Chicken Flavored

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    • 4 medium sized, 6 inch x 3/4" diameter, chicken flavor basted rawhide twister rolls

    • These rawhide twisters are made from 100% free range U.S. raised Buffalo, nature's BEST rawhide

    • Basted with chicken flavoring as an extra treat for your dog

    • Help keep your pets teeth clean by letting them chew on a Buffalo rawhide twister

    • Great for dogs with allergies and part of an 'All Natural' diet

    • NO harmful chemicals, NO hormones and NO antibiotics are used to produce Tasman's rawhide twisters

    • Treat your pets with a genuine U.S. Buffalo rawhide twister. The Buffalo have been raised on the open pesticide free ranges of north and west America

    • Buffalo are truly 100% natural animals raised entirely without antibiotics or growth hormones

  • Your dogs will LOVE these rawhide twister rolls over the China imported rawhides sold at most stores