Lensatic Outdoor Compass

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  • Military style lensatic lens compass features;

  • North Arrow

  • Aluminium Alloy, Steel Casing

  • Military Style Lensatic Compass

  • Magnifying lens to read the dial

  • Graduated in degrees and mils

  • Liquid filled floating dial

  • Rotational dial for declination

  • Luminous direction digits and needles

  • Thumb loop for stability

  • Side ruler for map computations

  • Hairline guide wire in lid for precision aiming on land or sea

  • The Lensatic Lens compass is a must have for any hiking, camping, scouting and hunting trips

  • A Lensatic Lens compass is designed for accuracy and ruggedness and used in the Military because of its precision

  • A Lensatic compass is used to set course bearings, orient yourself to a map and follow a course over land

  • Learning how to properly use a Lensatic Lens compass is an invaluable skill

  • With a Lensatic Lens compass the user does not need a sighting. Equipped with a map and this compass, all the user has to do is put the compass down on the map, twist the house to find the bearing to their next point and you're on your way