Banana Honey Dog Cookies

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  • 'A Heart For The Paws' dog cookies are made to order, the day you place your order is the day we start to make them fresh just for you and your pet(s)

  • The cookies are made by hand with the freshest ingredients 

  • NO additives and NO preservatives are added

  • Packaged and heat sealed in resealable airtight bags for maximum freshness

  • To open, simply cut the heat seal off the top of the bag, press the zip lock to reseal the bag and store refrigerated for longer shelf life

  • Proudly made in the USA by animal lovers

  • 100% ALL Natural and 100% Deliciousness

Ingredients: Banana, oat flour, honey, egg

Small Cookies:

Measure about 1" and come in mixed shapes

4oz = about 50 cookies

8oz = about 100 cookies

13oz= about 200 cookies

Medium Cookies:

Measure about 1"1/2 to 2" and come in mixed shapes

4oz = about 20 cookies

8oz = about 40 cookies

13oz= about 80 cookies

Large Cookies:

Measure about 3" and come in dog bone shape

4oz = about 7 cookies

8oz = about 15 cookies

13oz = about 30 cookies