Banana Honey Dog Cookies

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  • Our handmade dog cookies are made fresh when you place your order. No pre-made or pre-packaged treats here!

  • The cookies are made by hand with the freshest human grade ingredients 

  • NO additives and NO preservatives are used

  • Packaged and heat sealed in resealable airtight bags for maximum freshness

  • To open, simply cut the heat seal off the top of the bag, press the zip lock to reseal the bag and store refrigerated for longer shelf life

  • Proudly made in Idaho by animal lovers

  • 100% ALL Natural and 100% Deliciousness

Ingredients: Banana, oat flour, honey, egg

Small Cookies:

Measure about 1" and come in mixed shapes

4oz = about 50 cookies

8oz = about 100 cookies

13oz= about 200 cookies

Medium Cookies:

Measure about 1"1/2 to 2" and come in mixed shapes

4oz = about 20 cookies

8oz = about 40 cookies

13oz= about 80 cookies

Large Cookies:

Measure about 3" and come in dog bone shape

4oz = about 7 cookies

8oz = about 15 cookies

13oz = about 30 cookies