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Gun Cleaning Kit


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Product Overview

  • 78 piece deluxe gun cleaning kit

  • Includes the wire brushes and cleaning mops to clean pistols, rifles and shotguns. Comes with cleaning patches and a n aluminum foam lined storage case

  • Solid aluminum cleaning rods have rotating handles for both the pistol rods and the shotgun rods.

  • Includes enough rods to clean any size rifle and shotguns with ease

  • Includes the following:

10 / 12 gauge brass wire brush
20 / 28 gauge brass wire brush
410 gauge brass wire brush
.45 caliber brass wire brush
.40 caliber brass wire brush
357 / .38 / 9mm caliber brass wire brush
.17 caliber brass wire brush
30 caliber brass wire brush
270 / 280 caliber wire brush
.22 caliber brass wire brush
10 / 12 gauge terry cleaning mop
20 / 28 gauge terry cleaning mop
410 shotgun terry cleaning mop
357 / .38 / 9mm terry cleaning mop
.22 caliber terry cleaning mop

  • This is a great universal gun cleaning kit to have if you own 1 or multiple guns or pistols.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review