Oil Paint Lamp Black

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  • One tube of Dynamic Crocodile lamp black oil pigment

  • This is a large 170ml tube of professional oil color Artist paint

  • Approved product of EN71-3 / ASTM D-4236

  • Since black is one of the most widely used pigments in painting, this X-large 170ml tube is great to have and will last through multiple projects

  • Dynamic Crocodile selects the best raw material and botanic oil to grind to create their paint

  • Paint is subtle and stable with good-drying ability and unified dry time

  • Excellent in shaping, can express and keep your “brush ability” perfectly

  • Allows the artist to over paint and polish the works freely within reasonable time during one painting session

  • No color shift from wet to dry

  • The different colors can be mixed and bound together easily

  • The oil paint can not be cracked even after a long time and is suitable for different painting techniques